Monday, February 6, 2012

More Valentine's Day Nails!

Here's another set of Valentine's Day nails I did today. I started with two coats of Essie - Primavera.

Then, I used three pieces of Scotch tape per nail to tape off everywhere on the nail, except where I wanted the lines of glitter to be. I painted along the lines with Milani Jewel FX - Red. I had to sort of push the glitter into the cracks, since not enough glitter was concentrated in the untaped area. Then, I peeled the tape off. Some lines still had gaps, so I used a toothpick to pick up some extra glitter on the tape I peeled off, and I placed the glitter in the gaps. 

I think they looked just fine after the last step, but to make it more Valentine's Day-ish, I decided to draw a little heart on the ring finger. I dipped the rubbery end of a bobby pin in white polish and used that to create two dots for the top of the heart. Then, I just dragged the dots down to a point. 

Here's where I think I went overboard...I used my Milani Nail Art Polish in White Canvas to create white lines between the two red glitter lines. It looks alright, but I prefer the nails without the white lines.

Here's a pic of the polish I used:

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Tanya said...

Pretty nails!