Thursday, February 9, 2012

Purchases in Austria!

Super excited about my new purchases! I've been wanting to get some Essence nail polish for a while, as well as, try out other brands I can't get in the US! I haven't tried anything yet, but here's what I got yesterday at dm:

s-he - matte top coat - 2,95
Catrice - Forget-Me-Not! - 1,35
essence re-mix your style - Stairway to Heaven - 0,95

Then, I got an essence stampy designs plate from Müller. It says it is 01 have fun!, but I have googled this, and the results show some other stamping I'm not sure what it is really called..It was only 1,45 though.

I got these today! 
From Müller:
essence nail art - purple magic - 0,95
From BIPA:
LOOK by BIPA Nail Tattoo Liner - türkis - 1,69
b.pretty - burned pearl - 1,09
b.pretty - sky - 1,09
b.pretty - deep sea pearl 1,09

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