Friday, February 3, 2012

Pink Confetti

It's a really gorgeous day here today, so I did some spring-y nails. I was inspired to do these nails by this post from Nails and Noms. I started with two coats of Wet n Wild Megalast - Cherry Blossom. Unlike the Wet n Wild Megalast I bought yesterday, the formula of Cherry Blossom is not great. I think it is too thin and watery and requires too many coats. (Although, that is exactly the reason I chose it for today's manicure! I wanted a polish not so opaque so that the glitter could be soon through it.) I bought Cherry Blossom in May 2011, so they must have updated the formula, since the Megalasts I got yesterday were brand new at Walgreens. 

Anyway, after the two coats of Cherry Blossom, I painted on two coats of Confetti - Tazmanian Devil. (Pictured Below)

Then, I applied one more thin coat of Cherry Blossom.  

Here's a close-up in the daylight: 

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