Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crossword and Sudoku Nails

This is my take on the newspaper nails. Instead of using text, I used the answers to the previous day's crossword puzzle and sudoku. I cut 10 little rectangles from the newspaper--each was the approximate size of the corresponding nail.

First, I applied two coats of Essie - Borrowed & Blue. The polish must be dry before the next step! Then, I poured isopropyl alcohol into a shot glass. I dipped a finger in for 5 seconds and then immediately placed a rectangle of newspaper onto my nail and held it there for 15 seconds. Then, I peeled the newspaper away to reveal my design and repeated for the remaining nails. Finally, I applied a top coat.

Note: I first used our local newspaper, but the ink did not come off easily. Then, I tried the USA Today, and the design transferred much more easily.

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